It’s no secret that many men and women love epic fantasy. So much so, in fact, that they find it offensive when people classify it as sci-fi or childish pastime. Of course, we fully understand them. What’s there not to like? Knights in shining armor, beautiful maidens, wizards, and, of course, fantastic creatures like orcs, elves, and dragons.


From ghoulish fiends to massive, gargantuan ones like dragons, no epic fantasy can fully immerse its fans without a fire-breathing mammoth. But what about the mix of this genre and sex? There’s a whole lot of sexy fan fiction surrounding the likes of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and other epic fantasy franchises.


When it comes to sexual arousal that comes about due to Dungeons and Dragons stuff, many folks are into dragon sex. Yep! They get off on imagining sex with dragons. But is there anything more to this kink than just closing your eyes and slapping your salami? Well, there is. Allow us to, therefore, introduce you to some facts about the dragon fetish.

I Use Dragon-Themed Sex Toys

Long gone are the days when you had to come up with unique solutions to satisfy obscure fetishes. Nowadays, the adult industry is fully aware of people with needs like dragon sex toys. They tend to come up with and produce all kinds of kinky gadgets that go well with this fantasy. From dragon dildos to vibrators, gags, and anal plugs, you can have pretty much anything dragon-themed if you browse the right online store.

The best thing about dragon-themed toys is that they have an actual purpose. Unlike daydreaming about something abstract, you can hold your dragon toy in your hand and stimulate your body. Furthermore, these toys aren’t constrained to only one sex act, like vaginal masturbation. They offer anal, prostate, and even nipple fun. In other words, they function just as well as other sex toys, only in their dragon form.

Dragon Costumes Satisfy Me

But what about the role-playing that we’ve mentioned? Can dragon fetishists have their fun while play-acting a scene from their favorite epic fantasy novel? Well, yes. They can. With the use of clever dragon costumes, two dragon enthusiasts can satisfy their fetish by dressing up and making the whole thing appear in front of their eyes. One can be a virgin maiden whose knight has fallen to the mighty, penis-wielding dragon.


But, hey! Why stop with a basic plot like that? Why not include two dragons humping each other with their massive, veiny dongs? Either way, dragon costumes will serve you well enough to do it with flying colors. They come in all colors, materials, and types. As such, you can successfully mimic the type of dragon that you’re into. From ice dragons like Eisdrachen to warm-blooded ones like Drogon and Viserion, you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Human and Dragon Role Play BDSM

Besides breathing fire, what makes dragons the great fantasy creatures that they are? The main trope that surrounds them is that they are greedy and evil. When it comes to the first, they usually guard grand treasures, like Smaug in The Hobbit. On the other hand, they are evil and corrupt heroes and heroines of epic tales. But what does that have to do with sex and dragon fantasies? Well, you can easily incorporate that into your BDSM fetish.



BDSM is short for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. All these aspects can work great with a role-playing scenario that includes an evil, torturous dragon. The partner dressed in a dragon costume can torture their sub in all kinds of ways while role-playing as a dragon. For example, it can begin with the sub entering the dragon’s chambers to loot gold. What happens next is up to you.

Porn About Dragons

If you are single and sex toys don’t cut it for you, you can always enjoy dragon porn. Yep! That’s a thing. Just like porn mimics successful films and TV series of other genres, they create epic fantasy scenes too. Of course, these scenes are all about dragons, maidens, and white knights fucking instead of fighting for the fate of some magical realm. The best part about this is that tons of such scenes are available on tube-like sites, which are fully free for all dragon fetishists to masturbate to.

Dragon Porn Webtoons and Manga

Of course, we’re fully aware that people dressing up in dragon costumes can’t really mimic dragons and fulfill your dreams as well as you’d wish. However, that’s no reason to despair. You can still watch animated shows that depict dragons with massive dongs, penetrating and ravaging virgins. Only that way, these scenes that you dream of will look more like real life, as animation allows for pretty much anything to appear on the screen.


Then again, animation has its limits too. To make something move around smoothly enough, animators can’t focus that much on details without having enormous teams and filthy-rich budgets. Unfortunately, the ones that create dragon anime porn don’t have that money or time. But again, there’s no reason to despair. There are comics — Japanese mangas — that depict all sorts of filthy acts with dragons while adding inch-perfect detail.

How Much Satisfaction Do I Get From These?

The main issue with fetishes is that if you don’t go about them, they can begin to frustrate you every step of the way. In fact, they can infiltrate both your private and professional life, making everyday tasks impossible to focus on. Therefore, for fetishes that don’t involve anything illegal, and dragons are one of those, we suggest coming to terms with them.


Not only will satisfying your fetish feel great, but it will also open the door for other, less obvious ways of sexual gratification. It can also introduce you to others who enjoy similar stuff on subreddits or forums. Either way, it’s a good thing that we’ve come so far that focusing on dragons and sex doesn’t have to stay inside your mind as you wank alone.