Tail plugs have taken the sex toys market by storm, and there are so many different models to choose from. Here, we will go through a few things you need to know that will help you find your way through the vast collection of tail plugs sex shops have to offer.

Understanding the materials

The first thing you need to understand is materials. There are so many choices, and each has its pros and cons. Let’s go through each of the common options and see what they have to offer.

The most common material for tail plugs is probably metal. Usually, the toy is made from stainless steel, which makes it as safe as it can be. You won’t need to worry about allergies or if the toy is good for your body. Metal plugs are easy to clean, and they work with any type of lubricant. The main problem is that metal sex toys aren’t flexible, and they can be unforgiving.

The next one on the list is silicone. Silicone is the king of materials when it comes to sex toys. It is safe, works with any water-based lubricant, and is a lot more flexible. As a result, the experience will be pleasurable, especially if you are new to anal play.

Sex toys made of glass look fancy, and their features are almost identical to metal ones. The material isn’t flexible, and you will need to be careful when picking the size.

Finally, there are toys made of plastic, which is the worst of the options on the list. The hard plastic is the middle ground between silicone and metal, at least when it comes to flexibility. It works with any lubricant.

What are the fur tails made of?

Now that we’ve covered the first part of the sex toy, let’s talk about tails. Aside from picking the material you like, you’ll also need to choose the type of tail. There are two options when it comes to fur, and you can find faux fur tails or those made of real fur.

Needless to say, the best option is to go for faux fur, for obvious reasons. No animals are harmed for your butt pleasure, and the tail will still look incredible. There are little to no differences between the two, at least when it comes to looks.

There is still a wide variety of anal sex toys that aren’t a product of animal cruelty. We should mention that tail butt plugs made of real fur are not that common, which is an excellent thing. So keep in mind to check the origin of the fur and always go for the faux fur tail plug.

Another important difference between the two is the price. Faux tails can be quite cheap and affordable. On the other hand, if you want to get your paws on the real fur toy, keep in mind that it is considered a luxury, and you might need to pay a bit more.

Realistic vs. Fantasy anal tail

Once you decide which material is perfect for you, you should start thinking about the design of the toy. The first option is to go for realistic animal tails. These toys are designed to look like real animal tails. You can find a fox, raccoon, wolf tail, and nearly any other animal you can imagine.

Probably the most popular on the list are those made to look like fox tails, and they are an important part of role-playing for many people across the globe.

The second option is fantasy anal tails. The idea behind these is to experiment and try out something new and different. The most obvious difference is that the colors are a lot brighter and unlike anything you can find in the animal kingdom.

Recently, there has been an expansion of fantasy sex toys, and they cover everything from alien dildos to bright-colored anal plugs. It is up to you to find out which one you like the best and what type of toy is suitable for your sex life.

What to consider when choosing an anal tail

The most important thing when choosing an anal tail is your taste. Just take a look at the options and see which one seems the most attractive. You probably want to get something gorgeous, which you will use time and again in the bedroom.

When it comes to design, you can find different lengths, colors, shapes, and styles. But it is also important to consider the size of the butt plug, as well as the materials used. If you are new to anal play, getting a metal toy might be a mistake. It would be better to go for a silicone one and pick the smallest available size.

All things considered, you should trust your instincts and go for what you think is the best choice for you. This way, you will enjoy every second you spend using it.