Bella is a drop-shaped butt plug will suit both women and men. With it, you can wonderfully simulate the effect of double penetration or use the prostate for massage. The working surface of the cork is covered with a spiral, which does not complicate the input, but will give more sensations during use. Recommended for use with water-based anal lubricants.

What are you guided by when choosing this or that sex toy?

Perhaps important functionality? This is just one of the factors, because you should pay attention to other indicators. This is where the modern trade brand founded its production. You may have already heard that the choice of vibrators is grand, but confirms that it is now unique. If earlier you bought yourself pleasure, now pay money for innovations. Just imagine what a vibrator with a camera is.

This is a masterpiece,it is a hit of sales. Today, such a purchase is relevant and has justified popularity. The brand asks customers a question about why to buy a product that does not give a range of feelings? Therefore, an original and unique vibrator of a new generation was created. Someone likes this novelty others are afraid to admit that this is something new, ambitious. Previously, with the help of sex toys, you felt pleasure, but now you can see what you definitely like. If you are wondering about are women allowed to wear a butt plug at a nudist resort then it is for sure that you will be able to have the best deals now.

Butt plugs with vibration

Stunning butt plugs allow you to get orgasms, while simultaneously having oral or vaginal sex or during any other business, even at work. Use the anal plug with a powerful vibrator, and your office life will no longer be boring! Rotating balls, ribbed surface, switching vibration speeds guarantee a gentle or powerful massage of the anus. Butt plug will surely take a decent place among sex toys for love games with your partner.

Butt plug is one of the most popular sex toys for anal sex. On Lady Fight, you can buy different types of anal plugs that will diversify sex life and make her feel richer and sharper.

Why do we need? is an online store where you can order butt plugs in Kiev. The photo in the catalog presents corks of various types, sizes and diameters for women and men. They are suitable for:

  • preparing the anus for sex
  • getting pleasure during masturbation
  • the variety of sex life with a partner
  • provide an avenue to have a disability sex/sex with PWDs

Butt plug is a device for use by beginners to design the anus, but it is popular with pros. Butt plugs are also used by a sex surrogate for disabled person. Enter it at the very beginning of sexual intercourse with your partner or partner, and the feelings of your partner will immediately become brighter. For these purposes, an anal plug with a tail is great, which is distinguished by a rounded tip and a pleasant addition from a fluffy tail of natural or synthetic origin.

What you need

If you want to use the device for the development of the anus, you need a special butt plug for wearing. It can be in the form of beads or be fitted with a smooth surface. Such a device does not cause discomfort and does not distract during the day, while the anus gets used to its size.

Butt plug for men and women is not only designed to bring pleasure, but also used to relax the sphincter. A hole prepared in this way will easily pass the penis without discomfort in the future.

Types of devices

Our store works directly with manufacturers of sex toys, and therefore you can buy an anal plug from us at an affordable price. The range includes:

  • Butt plugs with vibration
  • Devices for continuous wear
  • Sex appliances
  • Whole sets of sex toys for anal sex

Choosing a butt plug, experts recommend paying attention to its size. Do not overestimate their own capabilities, acquiring the device for the first time. Butt plug should have a diameter that easily enters your anus, without causing inconvenience and injury. You do not want to combine sexuality and disability. Also, for easy penetration, we recommend ordering special lubricants for it, with which your sex will become much more pleasant.Order the butt plug in our store, and get free delivery, go visit now!

Why do we need such a sex toy which benefits from it

There is no such thing as a “regular” or “classic” butt plug. All products have their own peculiarity. In some models, the highlight is the fluffy tail in place of the limiter, while others are bright rhinestones or colored inserts. From the tricked out this erotic thing directly depends on the price. Metal butt plugs can be called inexpensive, and the most cost-effective options are silicone plugs with a primitive design and no frills. However, if the financial issue is fundamentally important, you can start with these. Especially popular inflatable butt plugs – a luxurious thing for beginners. The product is inserted into the anus in a compact, folded form, and with the help of a pump it is inflated already inside. It turns out that penetration in the ass is painless, and in the process of wearing a lot of pleasure.

In any case, the anal plug is needed in order to prepare the muscles of the anus for anal sex. To a member of the partner did not deliver discomfort and pain, erotic sleeve set for some time. Literally in 10-15 minutes the muscles of the anus get used to a foreign body, reflex sphincter contractions stop. After that, the penis will easily go inside, and if manhood is too large in diameter, you can practice your ass with products of different sizes. The best option latex, gel or silicone anal plugs conical shape. And by the way, you cannot be afraid that such a device will stretch the sphincter muscles too much – everything will return to its original position an hour after sex.

  • A separate story is the use of the anal plug for double penetration. Paradox: most girls do not like anal sex, but almost everyone dreams of double penetration. At least write about it in their reviews.

On the front wall of the vagina in women there is a point G, everyone knows about it, and to get an orgasm with eagerness and perseverance it is her that is stimulated. While the back wall during sex is usually not paid due attention. In ordinary intercourse, this area is not involved as it should because of the anatomical structure. But if one more member is inserted into the anus, which, as it were, presses the back wall, you get what you need: the stimulation will increase, and hence the pleasure will increase. And for both, because the longer the vagina is, the more pleasant the man is, and at the expense of a hard bulge inside the penis stimulation only intensifies.