Homosexual couples and people with alternative sexuality have known him for a long time, but even in hetero-partnerships and in solo play, he is becoming increasingly popular: This is speech from the P-point – P-point? How many more points? How often can you massage your prostate? But do not worry men. For the stimulation of the P-point, we are, by way of exception, completely alone. Unfortunately, most people with the prostate only connect the annoying visit to the urologist. However, that in the pleasure center also slumbers a lot of sexual energy, you’ll find out in the following blog post.

The P-spot – the prostate gland – is a male gonad that produces some of the sperm and is indispensable for the natural fertilization of a female egg. The secretion of the prostate, which is released together with the sperm cells during ejaculation, regulates the pH level in the vagina. Since the female sex organ always creates an acidic environment to protect against pathogens, the prostatic secretion with basic action must counteract it so that sperm survive and reach the fallopian tubes. Okay, but there is enough with chemistry.

In addition to the physiological properties of the P-point, but this can also be wonderfully used for sexual stimulation. The male G-spot belongs to the most erogenous zones of the man and can trigger violent orgasms without having to touch the penis at all. In addition, a P-spot massage should even reduce the risk of cancer – another reason to devote your next lovemaking whether alone or with a partner to unexplored pleasure. Well, nothing like the prostate!

This is how you find the P-point

The P-spot – better known as prostate or prostate gland – is chestnut-sized and found between the base of the penis and the urinary bladder. The erogenous zone consists of smaller glands and muscle tissue. She feels slightly rough. Just as with the G-spot of the woman, you push sex toys or fingers important: fingernails cut! By inserting a sex toy or one to two fingers about 6 inches deep into the anus, the P-point can be reached.

This stimulates the P-spot

Such a prostate massage theoretically does not need much – but at least a finger and lube. However, the experience can be made even more beautiful with the right technique and certain sex toys. If you want to pamper your partner: Go slowly with your partner and step by step on an exploration tour to prevent unpleasant surprises. Better talk about it soon, if something is unpleasant before the excited mood tilts and ultimately you do not come at your expense!

Hygiene is especially important in anal stimulation. Finger, anus and sex toys you should thoroughly clean with soap or toy cleaner. A shower before or a full bath are also recommended. Furthermore, one can look at the porn stars the following trick: In front of an anal sex scene make many porn actors an anal douche or get an enema to flush any excrement from the rectum.

Stimulation with the fingers

First of all, in a prostate massage by hand, the fingernails are always directed to the back and the palm of the hand to the abdominal wall. After inserting the fingers into your anus or your partner’s anus, carefully “scramble” the P-spot. Already, a slight throbbing in the urethra should be felt and muscle contractions in the P-spot should be perceptible. With increasing excitement you increase the pressure controlled until a hopefully violent climax sets in. The P-point can be taken care of with both fingers, so that seminal fluid escapes without orgasm from the penis in professional circles this is also referred to as milking.

Ideal sex toy

With a special anal dildo or vibrator, the P-point can be stimulated immediately and comfortably. Prostate stimulators are usually bent as a whole and arched outward, unless you have an abnormal sexuality, in which case you much more than that. Tip: Especially P-point stimulators with perineum stimuli target the prostate and simultaneously stimulate another erogenous zone, namely the perineum located between the scrotum and the anus. Different vibration levels increase the stimuli.

With these sex positions, you hit the P-spot

Above all, a sexual position aiming at the P-spot fulfills a prerequisite: penis or strap-on tends to penetrate diagonally in the direction of the scrotum into the anus, as the prostate is located on this side in the rectal space. G-spot suitable sex positions are also ideal for the P-point for an intense orgasms with a Prostate Massager. The following sex positions are available for prostate simulation:

  • Reversed rider position
  • Rejected rider position
  • Raised missionary position
  • Elephant position
  • Spoon

But now we were looking forward to the effect of our lovemaking. As suggested on the packaging, my wife took some lubricant and introduced the stimulator to the prostate massage with me. Since I’ve been lucky enough that my wife my prostate with fingers or div. As stimulated dildos or vibrators, that was not a problem. Finding the right point turned out to be a bit difficult in passionate traffic, because the small diameter caused the stimulator to move over and over again in different movements, so that it was rarely in the desired position. On top of that, I’m used to a certain diameter through the otherwise used aids, which fills me out and then brings to a climax together with a strong vibration. This stimulator could therefore serve with me at best for a kind of foreplay, where my wife played something with the cog for the different levels of vibration and thus did not cause me any pleasant feelings. The volume of the vibration is average and not disturbing. We still find the rotary knob better than buttons with which the different steps always have to be switched through. The longevity and functionality is better ensured in our experience with this mode of operation.

More intense orgasms

But now it was my turn to wife and as it turned out, the toy was just right for her as an anal beginner. With some lubricant, I could introduce the stimulator with her easily and painlessly. The massage with the sometimes strong and sometimes weak vibration was very pleasant and lust-enhancing for her. Here it was less about a precise stimulation, but about the massage and vibration in the anus in general, which gave her these feelings. In parallel, she then stimulated her own clitoris or I spoiled her orally, which she repeatedly drove to a great and intense orgasm.

For clitoral and vaginal stimulation, this toy is ideally suited to pampering the clitoris or finding the G-spot in the vagina, precisely because of its curved and not too large tip. Here the stimulator gave her very strong orgasms.

The conclusion

The final rating is not easy here. The packaging of the prostate vibrator “P-Spot Stimulator” has no indication that this is a sex toy for beginners in the anal area. But we think that’s the case, because for people engaged in other forms of alternative sexuality, who have been active in this area for some time, the stimulator is not producing enough. To stimulate the woman’s clitoris or vagina, there are many other aids that are just as much fun. Only for the anal beginner, as my wife is, it seems to be an ideal toy to gently and painlessly penetrate into these regions and spread desire.

Therefore, the price in relation to the benefits just so in the frame and we can just as well 4 hearts forgive, if we reduce the benefit to anal beginners and rate.