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Butt plug is one of the most unique intimate accessories designed for amazing sensations. It can use both sexes of partners depending on the wishes. As a rule, it is acquired by experienced users of sex products.

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Butt plugs and their use

Probably, many have already heard that there is a butt plug . But few people understand what this product is and why it is used. This is a modern sex toy, giving the opportunity to experience new sensations that you have not received before. People have long understood that stimulating the anus allows you to get as much pleasure as you would from regular intercourse. But this is a laborious process, for which certain body movements are needed.

Many people not only stimulate the anus brings pleasant sensations, but also the usual finding of an object without movements gives a lot of pleasure. The effect is achieved through the expansion of the muscles – one of the erogenous zones. Given this fact, a cork was developed. It is located in the rectum motionless, stretches the muscles and thus affects the erogenous zones.

Models and types of anal plugs

A variety of cork models is quite large – the types, sizes, and some specific models allow you to enjoy the purchase for a very long time and at any time. The main difference between the models is the absence or presence of vibration. Many people are advised to buy plugs with vibration – pleasure and effect are much more, although they cost a little more. In addition, there are models of Pony Play – with tails. They require more attention due to the huge popularity. There are also Christmas trees, they have expanding and tapering places. Recently, anal plugs have become very popular.with jewelry inlays. The fantasy of the developers of such toys is truly limitless, which allows you to choose from a huge variety of shapes, models and types. And this, in turn, gives you a special advantage in choice.

Why use the product:

  • for stretching the anal muscles
  • simple wearing
  • use during sex

Such plugs, which are often called plugs, can be used in the process of sex by both men and women to stimulate and enhance sensations. Feelings completely change your perception of intimate games, and the orgasm will be much brighter. In addition, for men such a toy will be useful in that it simultaneously stimulates the prostate gland. The gray sex life will be significantly transformed and diversified, especially if traffic jams will be used by both partners.

Today it has become very popular among many people just to wear a cork. You can insert it and do your daily activities – sit at the computer, go to the store, drive a car, go for a walk and much more. An additional surge of excitement never hurts, especially if you plan to meet with a sexual partner. A special effect on the erogenous zones will warm you up and push you towards colorful and vibrant sexual intercourse.