When you want to have fun in the privacy of your home and you are a follower of using sex toys purchased from the sex shop experts recommend that when using vibrators or anal balls to use lubricant. When using anal balls, the lubricant is absolutely necessary. But do you know exactly what are anal beads?

Do not forget the lubricant!

You always need to use a good quality lubricant when playing with anal beads. Water based lubricants are a perfect choice for all people who are looking for innocent pleasures. If silicone ball balls are used, no silicone based lubricants will be used. Put a generous amount of water based lubricant on the beads, make sure that all the bead string is lubricated, and with light movements it begins to use it.

With your fingertips moistened in the lubricant, you can put lubricant in your partner’s anus so that it’s easier to slip. Anal balls will prove to be easier to use if they are lubricated, because slipping will make it much easier. Due to liquid loss you will need to lubricate sexual toy again at some point during the game.

If you choose to use a condom over anal balls, you know it’s a much easier way to keep your beads clean and also increase their use time. Condom use over beads significantly reduces the risk of transmission of any sexually transmitted disease and infection. If you know you will be using beads and other people knowing it is advisable to use a condom every time. If you use a set of pearls that are made of solid rubber and firm enough to avoid bending, using a condom will not change the perception experienced by the partner and will also not affect the quality of the sensation. If at this moment you still don’t have anal beads, take a look at this one https://loveplugs.co/products/anal-beads-21.

The Luna Pleasure Balls System from Lelo

I was delighted to receive my first set of erotic balls; they are designed by Lelo, the producers of high quality sex toys such as Gigi and Nea. They created an object of pleasure modeled after a classic sexual object: Geisha balls. I was happy that my “workout” program can be so fun and easy.

Presentation and materials

The Luna Pleasure Bead system is beautifully packaged in a fashionable way by Lelo for all its products: a black box inspired by Tiffany’s, a satin black sachet for storage and a one-year guarantee. There are two sets of water-resistant smooth balls that can be squeezed into a medical silicone support and then inserted into the vagina; they show a hygienic thread at the outer end for easier removal. The Moon balls are empty inside and contain other weighted balls; a set is harder than the other. These small balls turn inside and create subtle vibration. Inserting the plastic moon balls will usually require lubrication, so be sure to use a version of water based lubricant so you do not damage the silicone.

How it works:

The principle behind the Luna system is on the one hand pleasure and on the other, fitness exercise. These are based on the Bai Ben Wa concept (also known as the Geisha balls). Introducing these balls into the vagina not only produces a very pleasant sensation but also offers a wide range of benefits for good health such as improved sexual satisfaction, reduction of urinary incontinence, and restoration of pelvic wall quality after childbirth.

The silicone brace is used to cradle the empty balls that support the combination of weighted balls that you choose to enter: you can start with two balls of the lightest, and as you get used you can combine the heaviest balls. When you use a heavier blue ball and a pink one with a lower weight, try to realize the difference between using a larger weight ball at the top of your breast, rather than using it at the bottom. You should also start asking the questions such as What are anal beads? Then you will be able to find more about the tools and always choose the best anal training kit.

Luna Balls offer an exciting alternative to the classic Kegel exercises, which are also designed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis walls. Wearing the Moon balls while dealing with your everyday daily activities will generate movements that cause contraction in the pelvic floor muscles, thus simulating a Kegel contraction. In this way, your body naturally produces these contractions when climbing stairs, walking or running. This is a great alternative because daily Kegel exercises require much commitment and conscious effort.

The experience

An expert says, “I felt an exciting feeling when I started using the Luna Ball system for the first time. This sensation was almost impossible to distinguish at first, but as you carry the Moon balls more often, you will notice how the balls inside the balls are rotating. This effect is subtle but surprisingly erotic at the same time. It’s funny when you forget that you use them and you get up and do something and realize that something is going on in your vagina.

My intention was to use the beaded Moon system for an hour, a few days a week for three weeks, to test whether at the end of this period there would be a significant difference in the state of the muscles inside the vagina. At the end of the testing process, I felt a noticeable difference in my pelvic muscles and found that they had a better control over the orgasm, stimulation of the G point, and an increased ability to control the exact moment you wanted to have an orgasm. You will also noticed that in the days when we did not use beads, the pelvic muscles spontaneously contracted, which shows that the Luna beads really improve the physical condition of the pelvic muscles, so much that they train while you are.”

Final Thoughts

Consider that many women may enjoy the benefits of vaginal fitness, especially when they improve their health condition and bring satisfaction to the sex life. The beads were easy to use and very comfortable to wear.