Each person is different, and everyone has unique tastes and kinks. This leads to some unusual ideas involving dragon fantasies, aliens, and other not-so-common ideas. While some might find foot fetish strange, we won’t mention it on the list since it is one of the most common sexual fantasies in the world. 


Our primary focus is kinks that are uncommon, unusual, or straight-up strange. So, let’s start talking about what people enjoy. 

The Peeping Tom

The best way to start the list is with something you might have heard before. We are talking about being the peeping tom, otherwise known as voyeurism. Now, this might be strange for some people, but it is, in fact, quite a common fantasy. Voyeurism means being aroused by watching someone else undress or have sex. 


What is interesting here is that this fantasy is not that rare. In fact, over thirty percent of men prefer to have sex with lights on, and over two-thirds of people reported to have fantasized about something related to voyeurism


Needless to say, if voyeurism is a part of role-playing, it is perfectly normal. On the other hand, watching someone undress without them knowing is not. Keep in mind that voyeurism without consent is considered to be a type of sexual abuse. 

Wife/Husband Swapping

Wife or husband swapping is another common unusual kink you might encounter. And this one is a bit strange because so many people wouldn’t even like to think about the idea of their partner having sex with someone else, but for those with this sexual fantasy, the reality is the opposite. 


They enjoy watching their partner perform sexual acts with someone else, and they will do it as well. The usual term for people with this sexual fantasy is swingers, and they often find other people with the same interests where they can exchange partners. 


Needless to say, swinging is consensual, and it is only temporary. However, some people like the idea of polyamory or being in an open relationship. Once again, this fantasy is not rare, and there are many who dream of swapping their partners with someone else. 

Octopus Fetish or Tentacle Sex

Now it’s time to talk about unusual fetishes and something you don’t see every day. Yes, it is tentacle time. Tentacle erotica is not new, even though people only recently started talking about it. It turns out that people have been dreaming of having sex with an octopus for a couple of centuries. As you can probably guess, this kink originated in Japan, but it quickly became popular worldwide. 


One of the things to mention here is that this rarely has anything to do with bestiality or zoophilia. People are aroused by the idea of being pleasured simultaneously across the entire body, and this is something you’d only be able to do if you had a lot of hands. Or tentacles in this case. 


Today, octopus fetish is rather popular in manga and hentai, which gave the idea to many companies manufacturing dildos. As a result, you can find numerous models of dildos that look like tentacles. 

The Human Doll

If all the tentacle porn is normal to you, we should start talking about human dolls. People with this fetish get sexual arousal from inanimate objects, specifically dolls. The term for this kink is agalmatophilia, and it involves mannequins, statues, or dolls. Now, this works in a couple of different ways. 


Firstly, a person might desire to have sex with a doll, which works quite well in real life if you count role-playing. A person might pretend to be a doll while their partner with a kink has fun. But this isn’t the only way the kink can develop.


Some people fantasize about being the doll. Their partner can either have sex with them or, in some cases, with another person. Since they are acting as a doll, the only thing they’d be able to do is to sit back and watch.

“Vore” or Getting Eaten Alive

Vorarephilia or shortly vore is a fetish where a person fantasizes about being eaten alive. Yes, you read it right. People with this kink feel sexual desire and dream of being consumed. In reality, this isn’t something that is possible since the majority of people want to be swallowed in one bit. So, the idea is not to get chopped into pieces and cooked slowly with vegetables and spices. 


As a result, the only way to indulge this fantasy is by reading comics or watching animated movies that can make it possible. Talking to your partner might be helpful since there is a chance they might be willing to role-play with you. 

The Human Cow

Of all the kinks and fetishes on the list, this one might be the strangest. It turns out that some women have a fantasy of being force-fed hormones. As a result, their breasts would swell, and they would be lactating continuously. 


This kink often has elements of BDSM since it is not rare to hear someone imagining being tied where people could use them as a milking machine. Furthermore, this fantasy often involves sex as well, which is just another element of bondage and BDSM due to lack of control. 


As you can probably guess, the human cow fantasy is not so easy to fulfill, and people would need to find a safer alternative.